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artist :
title :
Aarab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming
origin :
style :
Sympho Metal
format :
number :
licensed by :
Nuclear Blast, 1997

Christofer Johnsson - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Piotr Wawrzeniuk - drums/vocals
Lars Rosenberg - bass
Jonas Mellberg - guitar, acoustic guitar,

01.In Remembrance
02.Black Fairy
03.Fly To The Rainbow
04.Children Of The Damned
05.Under Jolly Roger
06.Symphony Of The Dead
07.Here Comes The Tears
08.Enter Transcendental Sleep
09.The Quiet Desert
10.Down The Qliphothic Tunnel
11.Up To Netzach/Floating Back
12.The Fall Into Eclipse
13.Enter Transcendental Sleep
14.The Gates To Aбrab Zaraq Are Open
15.The Quiet Desert
16.Down The Qliphothic Tunnel
17.Up To Netzach
18.Floating Back

Total time :  71.36
Info from booklet:

So... 10 years have passed since I formed a band
called Blitzkrieg back in 1987. This band later
changed their name and became Therion, did some
demos, got a record-deal, changed members, made
some more albums and finally ended up as we are
today. A lot of Things have happened musically,
from being a death metal band to an avantgarde
symphonic/orchestral/operatic metal band. And who
knows where we will go next? Whereever our path
might lead to, I hope that the considerable amount
of fans that have been so incredibly openminded
and enjoyed all new musical directions through the
years till now, and of course all our new fans as
well, will be with us in the future too.

This is, as you probably already have understuud
by now, not the new Therion album. It's indeed a
new Therion release, but instead of new material
it contains previously unreleased material, covers
and a new instrumental version of "Symphony of the
Dead". As we are kind of "celebrating" a 10 year
anniversary (who gives a fuck aout time anyway?)
we are releasing these cover versions of our
faveourite bands as a present to ourselves. For
YOU we have collected some material that was never
meant to be released, done some new exclusive
recordings, involved my soundtrack for an
art-movie and included some unusual things with
the CD package (like the complete notes for all
choir singing to the soundtrack).
A common gift from us and our superb record
company Nuclear Blast records.

From the "Theli" recording session at Impuls Music
Studios, Germany Jan-March 1996

Some stuff that didn't fit on "Theli", was
originally to be released as a CD-single. But as
the idea to make this collection CD began to grow,
we decided to go for this idea instead.

1. In Remembrance (Melberg/Johnsson)
2. Black Fairy (European metal version) (Johnsson)
3. Fly to the Rainbow (Schenker/Roth - originally
performed by Scorpions 1974)

Christofer Johnsson: guitar / hammond organ /
Piotr Wawrzeniuk: drums / vocals of "Fly to the
Jonas Mellberg: guitar / keyboard on "In
Lars Rosenberg: bass
Dan Swano: vocals on "In Remembrance" and "Black

Produced Jan-Peter Genkel, Gottfried Koch and
Recording session at Abyss Studio, Sweden, June

We were in there to record a cover of "Children of
the Damned" (1982) for an Iron Maiden tribute. We
took the opportunity and added some extra money
from our own pockets to record one more cover,
which happened to be a tune we've played live for
some time and we wanted to have on tape just for
ourselves. That made us have a more light attitude
on it and we basicly recorded it live in the
studio, starring Tobbe Sidegard (Necrophobic, Sin)
on lead vocals and in the end we even mixed it
(ironically) as a fake live song.

4. Children of the Damned (Steve Harris -
originally performed by Iron Maiden 1982)
5. Under Jolly Roger (Rock'n Rolf - originally
performed by Running Wild 1987)

Christofer Johnsson: guitar
Piotr Wawrzeniuk: drums / vocals of "Children of
the Damned"
Lars Rosenberg: bass
Tobbe Sidegard: vocals on "Under Jolly Roger"
Peter Tagtgren: additional lead guitars on "Under
Jolly Roder" (2:nd and 4:th)

Produced by Therion and Peter Tagtgren.

Recording session at Impuls Music Studios, Germany
Dec 1996.

This was recorded after deciding that we should do
this CD. We wanted to redo one more old track, but
it didn't sound the way we wanted so we dropped it
and did a cover of a very old and not so fameous
Judas Priests song instead.

6. Symphony of the Damned (re-recorded shortened
instrumental version) (Johnsson)
7. Here Comes the Tears (Halford/Tipton -
originally performed by Judas Priest 1976)

Christofer Johnsson: guitar / bass / keyboard
Piotr Wawrzeniuk: drums / vocals
Gottfried Koch: acoustic guitar on "Here comes the

Produced by Christofer Johnsson and Gottfried

Therionized highlights from "A'arab Zaraq Lucid
Dreaming", recording session at Impuls Music
Studios, Germany Dec 1996:
This is somekind of covers of the soundtrack,
recorded at the same time as the songs above. We
used all the original recordings and simply added
drums, bass and guitar upon it. I basically jammed
all the guitars in the studio, which made a
contrast to the organised and 100% earlier
prepared classical arrangements.

8. Enter Transcedental Sleep (Johnsson)
9. The Quiet Desert (Johnsson)
10. Down the Qliphotic Tunnel (Johnsson)
11. Up To Netzach / Floating Back (Johnsson)

Produced by Christofer Johnsson and Gottfried

Christofer Johnsson: guitar / bass
Piotr Wawrzeniuk: drums
Gottfried Koch: acoustic guitar on "Up to

A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming (original soundtrack
from "Golden Embrace" Art Movie 1997).

This is not a Therion recording. It's a soundtrack
I've done as a solo artist for an art movie
entitled "The Golden Embrace". I always wanted to
do something like this and I an very pleased to
offer this as a bonus on this CD. It's pure
classical music (an Oratorium), but I hope that
some of you will enjoy it anyway.

12. The Fall Into Eclipse (Johnsson)
13. Enter Transcedental Sleep (Johnsson)
14. The Gates To A'arab zaraq Are Open (Johnsson)
15. The Quiet Desert (Johnsson)
16. Down the Qliphotic Tunnel (Johnsson)
17. Up to Netzach (Johnsson)
18. Floating Back (johnsson)

Produced by Christofer Johnsson and Gottfried

All choir and solo opera singing on this album
were done by:
Bettina Stumm - soprano
Raphaela Mayhaus - soprano
Marie-Therese Kubel - alto
Ergin Onat - tenor
Klaus Bulow - bass
Joachim Gebhardt - bass

All fiddles, 1:st and 2:nd violins, violas, violin
cellis, double basses (kontra basses), flutes,
oboes, english horns, bassoons, french horns,
trumpets, trombones,tubas, concert snare and
timpanis on this album were made by the Barmbek
Symphonic Orchestra (concert cymbals, tambourine,
harpsichord and some fast strings done by
All grand piano played by C. Johnsson and G. Koch

Art, design, photo and lay-out: P GRON

Thanx to Nuclear Blast, Per Albinsson, all
contributing musicians, Gottfried + the rest at
Impuls Studio and especially all the fans that
have supported us through the years till now.

"It's not an easy task to give a complete
definition of what "The Golden Embrace" is all
about, But the main concept is based around four
different characters, all searching for something
within their human nature that they cannot find.
Not a single word is spoken during their separate
journeys in this art movie, but the mystical and
atmospheric emotions of the scenes are accompanied
by majestic music all the way until the story
reaches its climax. The entire production is
signed to Per Albinsson, who is a yound swedish
director, armed with a fascination for the darker
side of life, which leaves its mark on most of his
work. "The Golden Embrace" is no exception..."
To order a videocopy of "The Golden Embrace", send
100 S-Kr (Scandinavia), 30 DM or equal in any
currency (Europe) or 20$ (Overseas) to:

Per albinsson
Brantabacksgatan 19
531 33 Lidkoping

В феврале 1997 закончили работы над новым альбомом
"A'arab zaraq lucid dreaming". Он планировался как
mini-album но кое-что добавили и вышло
произведение более чем на 70 минут. Это подарок
поклонникам на 10-летний юбилей группы. A'arab
Zaraq Lucid Dreaming (1997) содержит несколько
неизданных композиций, ковера и саундтрек "Golden
Embrace" - к фильму режиссёра Per Albinsson (Per
Albinsson позже снял видеоклип к "To Mega
Therion", в который вошли отрывки из их
выступления в Литве перед полуторатысячной
аудиторией), к которому Christofer Johnsson
написал большую часть музыки. Композиции "In
Remembrance" и "Black Fairy" не вошли на "Theli".
На них можно слышать пение Dan Swano. Дальше идут
4 ковера. "Fly to the Rainbow" (Scorpions),
"Children of the Damned" (Iron Maiden), "Under
Jolly Roger" (Running Wild!) и "Here Comes the
Tears" (Judas Priest).Затем короткая
инструментальная версия "Symphony of the Dead" и
версия саундрека в исполнении Therion, а затем
саундтрек в классическом исполнении. Продукция
предназначалась для верных поклонников, но
понравилась куда более широкому кругу слушателей.

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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