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artist :
title :
The Power Cosmic
origin :
style :
Epic Metal
format :
number :
CD 03-411
licensed by :
Nuclear Blast, 1999

Byron: vocals
Jonny Maudling: keyboards
Chris Maudling: guitar
Mark Greenwell: bass
David Mackintosh: drums

01. The Awakening Of The Stars (1:34)
02. The Voyagers Beneath The Mare Imbrium (4:39)
03. The Empyreal Lexicon (6:06)
04. Of Carnage And A Gathering Of The Wolves
05. Callisto Rising (4:35)
06. The Scourge Of The Fourth Celestial Host
07. Behold, The Armies Of War Descend Screaming
From The Heavens! (6:00)
08. The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies Of Mu

Total time :  40.26
The Power cosmic was recorded and mixed April
30-May 31 1999 at Academy Music Studio, Yorkshire,
Engineered. produced and mixed by Mags.
Cover artwork by Martin Hanford
Cover concept by Byron
Band photography by J.C. Dhien
Photographic embellishments by Simon Lee of Judas
Cradle Artworks
Sleeve / inlay design by Byron
Original bal-Sagoth logo designrd by Byron
Bal-Sagoth armed & armoured exclusively by Battle
Orders Ltd.

Prologue: In 2104, lithological excavations at the
Fourth Mars Colony unearthed an artifact of
unknown, seemingly non-human origin; an
icosahedron of an unrecognized, non terrestrial
metallic composition, inscribed with strange,
indecipherable sigils and glyphs. After long
months of intense study, epigraphy experts on
Earth ascertained a tenuous parallel between the
unknown language on the icosaherdon and certain
obscure Aztec hieroglyphics, and thus were able to
extrapolate a meaning from the unearthly
inscriptions. The translation spoke of a legendary
repository of ultimate knowledge known as the
Empyreal Lexicon... a codex of alien origin said
to contain incredible cosmic secrets; arcane words
and psionic waves of power which were the keys to
unlocking a network of cerebral-transferrence
portals linking the myriad galaxies of the
multiverse, and also the means to transcend the
boundaries of the space-time continuum, enabling
corporeal beings to travel between dimensions and
traverse at will the unknown realms which lay
between universes, tapping into the limitless
energies which permeated the sidereal fabric of
the cosmos. The translation of the Mars
icosaherdon also hinted disturbingly at a great
pangalactic conflict which was waged over the
possession of the codex between the mysterious
cosmic beings who had appointed themselves the
keepers of the Lexicon and some terrifying shadowy
foe mentioned only fleetingly in the alien text.
The final battle in this cataclysmic power
struggle was apparently fought in Earth's own
solar system, and the Keepers of the Lexicon,
their power depleted and teetering on the verge of
defeat, shattered the codex into a myriad shards,
scattering the fragments across the star system in
order to prevent the secrets of the Lexicon from
falling into the hands of their darksome nemesis.
According to the Martian artifact, several
fragments of the Lexicon were hidden on the third
planet from the sun, the Earth itself. One
fragment was secreted in ancient Atlantis, another
in Lemuria. Further pieces of the cosmic codex
fell to earth in Ys and eon-veiled Mu. Still
further fragments of the Lexicon were said to have
been hidden somewhere beneath the frozen surface
of the bleak moon Callisto, and on the other
mysterious orbs Hyperion and Titan. Lastly, the
alien artifact spoke mysteriously of something
hidden beneath the cratered surface of Earth's own
Moon. Ascertaining co-ordinates from the Mars
icosahedron, an expedition embarked immediately
from the Epsilon IV Moon Base and began to
excavate the lunar sphere. Thus was a veiled
warning unheeded, and no one could know what to
expect as the machinations of humankind breached
the ancient surface of the moon's Mare Imbrium....

Четвертый альбом королей эпического True Britannic War-Metal, который открывает вторую трилогию, в которой описан весьма своеобразный мир - воины, маги, ужасные монстры, могущественные боги и силы вселенной - смесь истории, теологии и космологии. Разобраться в этом без словаря специальных терминов уже невозможно - и он опубликован на официальном сайте группы. Кстати, на русской версии альбома, вы впервые сможете найти всю лирику, которая ранее не публиковалась! Записан диск в Academy Music Studio - там же где записывались и все предыдущие альбомы с 1994 года. Запись произведена продюсером Mags (My Dying Bride, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Cradle Of Filth, Antimatter, Death SS). Состав, записавший альбом, прежний, включая Jonny Maudling, который также являлся сессионным клавишником My Dying Bride. Оформление - Martin Hanford (Orange Goblin, Cathedral)

Полный актуальный ассортимент продукции нашей компании - в магазине "Даркус" - ТЦ "Горбушкин Двор", 2 этаж, пав. C2-011

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